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The Fund

The AgFood Opportunities Fund is an Investment Fund based in Australia. Our aim is to create wealth for our clients by identifying under-valued investment opportunities both locally and globally through listed and unlisted companies in the Food and Agriculture sectors. We were formed in 2020 - emerging from PAC Partners Pty Ltd - a Melbourne based stockbroker specialising in small and mid cap companies. We are flexible, nimble and attuned to the industry and markets. Our people have a wide range of experience and bring a plethora of perspectives to the table. This enables us to identify mispriced opportunities and take action in a timely manner to maximise return.


Our vision is to create wealth for our clients by using our deep knowledge of the Australian, New Zealand and global Agriculture and Food sectors. We will differentiate by investing where the best opportunities are; Listed or unlisted, local or global. 


Our investment objective is to provide shareholders with 8-10% p.a. returns across the agribusiness and food cycles. Target returns are not guaranteed. We will prudently allocate capital, technology, and management support in those critical areas across supply chains or business activities with a view to unlocking commercial potential wherever it may be: listed/unlisted, geography, small & large. Where appropriate we will invest in early stage unlisted companies and use our expertise to guide those companies through the various development phases to achieve full commercialisation of their ideas. Underpinning our every action is the need to add shareholder value.


Our strategy is to achieve superior returns over a 3 year time horizon by leveraging our expertise, experience and networks. We aim to:

  1. invest in companies that are in control of their destiny, scalable and undervalued.

  2. target companies with cost structures that are in the lower half of the relevant cost curve.

  3. identify value added steps that withstand cycles.

  4. own listed equities.

  5. own unlisted companies with a 12-24 month path to an IPO and/or convertible note position.

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Community Engagement

The AgFood Fund is proud supporter of the Active Farmers Group,  Bega Local Aboriginal Council – Horticultural Project and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Active Farmers Group is focussed on improving mental health for grassroot farmers across Australia. Mental health in rural Australia is a key issue and the AgFood Fund is proud to help.

Bega Local Aboriginal Council – Horticultural Project aims to improve social, cultural and economic outcomes for Aboriginal people within their community. Their land management prjoects involve employment of young Aboriginal people and creates pathways to training and further employment opportunities.

Founded in 1928 the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) aims to reduce the disparity in health service access. They bring emergency medical and primary health services to those areas that don't have access. The RFDS makes it possible for people to live, work and travel across rural Australia.

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All investments carry risk including the potential for loss of income or capital, a less than expected rate of return or a delay in payment. Please refer to the Fund's Information Memorandum for further detail regarding risks. A copy of the Information Memorandum can be obtained by emailing

Investment Manager Overview

The Fund is managed by AgFood Fund Pty Ltd. (ACN 628 200448 – AFS Representative number 126679). AgFood Fund Pty Ltd offers: 

  • An Executive team and Board consisting of 3 professionals, each with over 20 years experience in AgFood Management/Finance.

  • Experience spanning Private Equity, Listed Equity, Operations and Consulting. AgFood Fund has a broad knowledge of each part of the AgFood Supply Chain.

  • A comprehensive network of contacts across Australasia and Asia. It also has point people in Europe, Americas and Africa.

  • PAC Partners is an investor in the Fund and gives access to a proven pipeline of emerging companies which are independently assessed by the Fund.

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